About the Sport

Photo courtesy of Robert Hargraves

Photo courtesy of Steve Schnars

Photo courtesy of Gina Horn

Welcome to SIDECARS in the USA!! This site was created to help people understand and follow speedway sidecars. A speedway sidecar is a 2 person team on a 1000cc motorcycle speedway sidecar. The team consists of a driver and a passenger. The passenger hangs off the side of the sidecar as to help the sidecar go around corners and get traction on the straights. The right side of the sidecar has a tray that the passenger will use to hold their knee or right leg in place. The passengers left leg is up on the bike.  These sidecars have absolutely no brakes!!! Please have fun looking and learning about us here, be sure to look at the schedule page and come and visit us in the pits after the races and say hi!! If you have any requests, comments or questions, please feel free to contact us! Thanks again!! 

Photo courtesy of Steve Schnars

Photo courtesy of David Gallegos