44 Medberry/Davis

Driver: Jeff Medberry

* Born: March 9 1956

* Married to Valerie

* Reason for racing: fun times

* Racing since: 1993


 Jeff Medberry has been racing since 1993 as a passenger, he retired in 1997 and came back out racing as a driver in 2000 to 2006 and re-retired only to come back out to race in 2011 on a borrowed bike ( thanks to Jeff and Heather Rowe) and is still racing presently. I was supposed to retire but..... cant walk away as they say- will run a limited season. I have road with some good drivers and passengers. My currant passenger is Nikole Davis she is going to start her 3rd season here in 2017. Our current rig is a 2004 Suziki based motor 2004 GSXR1000.

Swinger: Nikole Davis "Niki Jigs"